too many books, too little brain-space

Preface: I have really enjoyed the classes I’ve taken this summer. During June, I took ‘Pagan/Christian Interlace’ with Dr. Delony, which was a course in early medieval literature and the ‘transition’ from pagan to Christian culture/beliefs. In July, I came here to Oxford to take two classes – one on ‘Faith and Literature at Oxford,’ and the other on Shakespeare. All good stuff. And good things have come out of it – I’m presenting a paper at the SEMA conference in October because of one of these classes, for example.

And yet.

I shouldn’t have done it. I have been pushing myself too hard all year. In the spring semester, I chose to take extra graduate-level classes (they let you do that during your last semester). And it was fine – while I was doing it. But deciding to continue the rigorous schedule through the summer (and the fall!) was a really bad idea.

And I’m paying for it.

I’m having much more trouble with reading comprehension and critical thinking than I normally do. I feel dumb in class all summer, unable to synthesize ideas from readings and unable to comment on them adequately during class. I’m having more difficulty organizing papers and presenting coherent theses.

I think my brain filled up and now there’s not enough room for anything else.

I won’t get much drainage time, either, just a few days (that won’t be exactly stress-free, since I’ll be either traveling or moving into my new apartment).

I should have listened to the wisdom of the scriptures:

Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body. (Ecclesiastes 12:12)


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