bad hair day

Yes, I am a stock photo.

Yes, I am a stock photo.

My hair dryer is broken and I don’t have enough money for a new one. (I think I broke it in Oxford, when it nearly exploded because of the lack of a voltage converter.) Which is not normally a big deal. I take showers at night and my hair dries when I’m sleeping. But this morning I had to take a shower. And I should tell you it takes FOREVER for my hair to dry completely. As in MULTIPLE HOURS. Unless I want to park myself in front of my A/C unit and turn it all the way up. So, when I left the house today with semi-wet hair, I was hoping it would have that sexy-messy-kind-of-wet look. And did it? No. It did not. It went POOF. I think the drive-through guy at McDonald’s thought I was Medusa. He kept looking at me and smiling. At first I was like, Oh, he thinks I’m cute or something. As I was pulling out, I realized the truth – that he was staring at my weirdass hair. And then I thought, today, my hair could make a reasonably selling attraction at Ripley’s Believe It or Not. If you can Believe It.


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  1. remus said

    i’ve been here accidently

    maybe that guy did think you were cute

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