childhood memories. sigh.

It’s that time of year again! No, I’m not talking about pumpkins, turkeys (wow, I just spelled that “turkies” in the rough draft), or wreaths. I am not talking about the jolly holiday spirit waiting in store for us (until someone overcooks the Christmas ham, that is!). I’m not even talking about winter break.

No, my friends, I am referring to the fact that it is now MONOPOLY SEASON at McDonald’s. Collect all the properties in any given color group and WIN SOMETHING FUN!

McDonald’s Monopoly was an important part of my childhood. Every time my parents would take me and my siblings to get something to eat at McDonald’s during Monopoly Season, I cheered for sheer joy. The excitement of winning hung palpably in the air. Hell, I didn’t even have to win anything to enjoy it. Just the sensation of my grubby, salty little childhood sausage-fingers peeling off the backs of a property sticker, and then sealing it onto the McDonald’s Monopoly Board, for everyone to see, was enough to make my week (and, it seems, enough to leave me with indelible childhood memories).

Now it is time for me to experience this again, from October 7 to November 13. The prospect of collecting Park Place and Boardwalk, and subsequently winning a million dollars, is very exciting, and despite the knowledge that I have almost NO CHANCE WHATSOEVER (I’m not actually positive they manufacture some of the pieces at all), I can still hope. Fried foods, calories, and wasted money be damned.

Unfortunately, McDonald’s has decided to “cut costs” (the way I figure it, anyway; I don’t actually know why) and has half-ruined the Monopoly fun. Yes, they have eliminated the physical board game, typed codes onto the property stickers, and put the game on their website ONLY.

My immediate reaction: We must PROTEST.


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